coronavirus update

Indoor Gathering Guidelines and Safety Measures

Arrival and Entrance Details:
Doors will open at 4:45pm

Sanctuary and Restroom will be sanitized prior to arrival of Anothen Family.
Parking to the Worship Center is located by the flag poles.

Entrance and Seating:
When you arrive Sunday, you will be treated by one of our Greeters. Although they will be wearing a face mask, they will have a smiling face and warm heart excited to great you and bring you into the life giving presence of God.

The AKIDZ Tent will be open outside for families to grab prepackaged ministry items for your children during the worship experience. Please grab your ministry items before finding a greeter too be seated.

The greeter will lead you and those you have arrived with in your car to your seat in the worship center. We are asking you only sit with the people you drove to worship with. Rows have been taped off for seating to be every other row for distancing purposes. Social distancing will be observed as a safety precaution during this season of temporary safety protocols.
**Face masks are required of those who are medically able to do so.**These create an opportunity for us to worship indoors, not an obstacle to prevent us from doing so.

Those who aren’t able to wear face masks, will have a designated area to sit. PLEASE LET ONE OF OUR USHER TEAM KNOW. They will be happy to guide you to your section.

Worship Experience:
This will be family worship. There will be no AKIDZ ministry for any ages. As always, children are a blessing, not a burden. We are excited and HONORED to worship as families.  The worship experience will be an hour to an hour and 15 minutes (target time).

A greeter will come to your row and motion you towards your designated exit area depending on your seating.

There will be one restroom open. A kingdom partner will be there to clean after usage. Only one stall will be open, this will be identifiable by Anothen signage. As we begin to slowly regather as a body outside of our Bible Fellowship Communities, we thank you for your grace and patience as we navigate these challenging times. We are excited to gather again and worship indoors.
These safety precautions are temporary, but necessary as we discern our steps of obedience forward.

***Please note our ministry teams on stage will not be wearing masks, they will be wearing masks once they head towards their seats**

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